Images of Hot Rock Energy Systems

Hot Fractured Rock: HFR system





Stacked Enhanced Geothermal System

Note the 270 degree heat at 4.5km in the image above

Below is the Heat Exchanger Within Insulator (HEWI) Model by Petratherm

This model avoids the difficulties associated with drilling into very hard granites at great depths.

Heat exchanger within insulator

Petratherm's Drilling Rig

This type of system is regarded as a "conventional" Geothermal System

Hot Sedimentary Aquifer

Kuth Energy"s NFHR

NFHR  is  a  new  concept,  unique  to  KUTh  Energy,  in  which  geothermal  development  targets  hot  natural fluids hosted by deep, permeable fracture systems (Figure 1).  NFHR unites the strengths of 
existing  play  concepts  such  as  Hot  Dry  Rock  (HDR)  and  Hot  Sedimentary  Aquifer  (HSA)  through  a  combination  of  in  situ  permeability,  potential  for  high  fluid  flow  rates  and  likelihood  of  high 
temperatures derived from a local high-heat-producing granitic source.

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Hot Rock Energy Video

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Images of Hot Rock Energy Systems